Finding the best solar leads for solar lead generation is not easy especially at affordable prices. Although the industry is booming with at least 10 million households in America considering the myriad of installations, it remains a challenging business to engage in. Back in 2016, there were 1 million solar installations after 40 years of existence. The rate has suddenly increased immensely and doubled in less than 2 years. The rapid rate of growth in the industry is undeniably enthusing but the solar installations company’s inability to get qualified solar leads is lingering even today.

Using Geoffrey Moore’s theory, we can explain the crossing chasm effect of the industry’s progress. The theory highlights the complex transition from early adopters towards the intended broader mass-market development commonly known as the mainstream. Crossing the chasm between visionaries and technological enthusiasts versus pragmatists, conservatives, and skeptics is complex. The primary issue is the difference in motivation between the two groups comprising marketing professionals seeking qualified solar leads and the consumer group. They have varying shopping behaviors.

The consumers in the mainstream market are typically focused on the costs versus the benefits of adopting solar technology. There is obviously the need to follow trends and have the coolest things available in the market. Another benefit is the environmental-friendliness of the panels. This combination of benefits makes solar panels an increasingly popular financial investment today.

Generating Solar Sales Lead

Most of the best performing companies create over half of their solar leads organically. Solar installer research revealed that at least 65% of companies such as EnergySage avoid direct spending on marketing and advertisements. Instead, they focus at least 67% of their resources on finding potential customers through social media outlets, as does Solar Lead Empire.

Customer referrals are the most popular method of organic solar leads. Highest quality solar installations at competitive prices attracts customers. Half of all solar leads can be based on organic lead volume created by a vast customer referral network.  Robust bonuses are a great way to increase customer engagement. Relying too heavily on this strategy, however, is the inability to make predictable forecasts especially with the latest solar installers.

Use of a company website is also a new way of retaining competitive status in the market. With good online marketing strategies, you can bet visitors will be at your website every so often. Use the opportunity to highlight the most recent installations.

Partnerships and events help a company to earn trust if potential early in the shopping process. The trust acts as the fuel for partnerships. Participating in local events is also another naturally effective method used for a long time with impressive results. They help the company to access customers face-to-face and market their products.


You may be wondering what qualifications the leads come with since only 65% of leads are realizable. Majority of the solar companies focus on a couple of strategies to retain a third of direct sales and advertising. They also partner with online solar lead generation companies like Solar Lead Empire. Since the larger a company grows, the more time and money it must invest in its marketing efforts. Direct sales and advertising both on the Internet and on offline platforms are a necessity.

Digital advertising is one of the most reliable techniques towards improved and effective marketing. It is a strategy with unlimited options and range. Direct sales make up at least 20% of all solar leads every month according to latest surveys.

Most solar lead generation companies do not guarantee any of the qualifications required for a company to sell solar to a homeowner. At Solar Lead Empire, we guarantee all qualifications such as credit score, home ownership, electricity bill, roof condition, and roof shading as well.

Along with that, Solar Lead Empire will not resell the leads they provide you after any period. Most solar lead generation companies use a 30 or 60-day policy depending on their terms. Instead, Solar Lead Empire leads and appointments will always be exclusive to you.

Solar Lead Empire also offers shared real-time solar leads. While this is not the best option, it helps to spread the risk and take advantage of outsourcing techniques. You will be able to buy shared leads where the company sells them to other companies. This strategy to involve partners businesses helps to easily run many tasks with ease. This reduces complexity in acquisition and online marketing for both the partners and customers. There will be more time to utilize on what matters most. While the company focuses on prospective services, for example, the partners can focus on sales, interaction, and conversion.

We always recommend for solar companies to ask to get in contact with a current company that works with the solar lead provider, to ask about their experience. This is a very common way to figure out if the solar lead company has any success or if they’re lying to you about providing quality solar leads. Enhanced communication is key in every sector of business process. Solar Lead Empire is focused on increasing consumer traffic through our portfolio of educational web pages and partners.

Other lead generation companies use incentives on their advertisements to draw in homeowners that are interested solely because of the incentives. This is a very bad way to generate solar leads as the homeowners that submit their info are not genuinely interested in solar, but instead interested because of the incentives offered.

A refund rule will be the main return policy in case the leads are bad. Some of the solar lead generation companies that use replaced return policy do not appear focused on the consumer needs as compared to their own needs. To earn more trust from the customers, the company will allow the customer to claim a refund as an option outside replacement of new products.

At Solar Lead Empire, all our solar leads that we book preset appointments with are guaranteed to be qualified and sit with the company that we send them to. This ensures there is no worry about showing up to a home, wasting your time, and the homeowner failing credit or not having good roof condition or a low electric bill.

The return policy will be taken seriously in the effort to keep customer loyalty. We immediately replace all bad leads with the next lead or appointments we send to you. The Internet has made it possible for quick communication between client and company. We shall take advantage of this technology to respond immediately to all queries.