100% Qualified Preset Solar Appointments

Don’t settle for random unqualified leads that waste you and your teams time. Only invest in highly targeted and qualified pre-set appointments that meet all of your requirements.

Our Process

We want your company to THRIVE. And through our quality assurance promise and highly skilled lead acquisition team, we’ll make that happen for you day in and day out. Solar Lead Empire values it’s unique offering with not only 100% appointment replacement and money back guarantee’s, but also with it’s skilled lead acquisition strategies. We won’t give you the bottom of the bucket contacts like most other companies. Every appointment we provide is 100% exclusive to you. Guaranteed.

Centralized Management

We generate, organize, and pre-set appointments to your schedule- with a professional and precise process that gives you the most time back.

Only qualified preset appointments will be brought to you

Depending on your requirements, we can filter out potential prospects by several different factors. From credit score and ability to pay.

Our Areas of Service