Happy customers.

"We started using SLE as one of our 6 lead providers and they are now our only one. They were, and still are, able to keep up with the volume for all of our 4 markets efficiently." - VP of Sales, Florida


Head of Marketing Arizona

I have years of digital marketing experience and even I was dumbfounded when I was a witness to how high quality and amazing the appointments SLE provided to us were. We haven’t looked back since starting to do business with them and I don’t think we plan on anytime soon.” 

“They tell you that they created their own process from scratch and the results definitely show it. We have spent hundreds of thousands on qualified leads that we have to call ourselves and bogus booked appointments with return policies that don’t even compare to SLE’s. Jared is a great guy and we are very happy with all of the business we have done with them.” Founder/CEO, Massachusetts


CEO, New Jersey 

“We went through every lead generator, aggregator, and provider there was until we found SLE. We were wary about going with them because other companies had done bad business to us before, but they guaranteed us quality appointments otherwise we were refunded. In the end, they provided qualified appointments to us faster than anyone else and our closing ratio was almost double every company we had worked with before. We are never going back to the others.”

“The SLE team has reps that are very educated with solar in every market. We are a start up solar company and handed off 40 appointments to our reps and they came back with contracts for over half of them. SLE does more than just book appointments, they actually answer questions and give advice to the homeowners while they’re booking the appointments and it streamlines our job so much more.” Head of Sales, Connecticut


Founder/CEO, Texas

“We were tired of having to call leads ourselves and were fed up with thin guarantees from all of the other providers. The only reason we tried again was because of SLEs return policy. It worked, we are happy, and I can finally breathe again because of the time I have back from not having to deal with over-promising and under-delivering providers every month. It was a breakthrough of success.”

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