In this post we’ll be talking about how to sell solar and generate more solar leads. Why would anyone not own a solar system for their home? The benefits of owning one are innumerable, ranging from illumination without stress to having a renewable energy source at your fingertips. Purchasing a solar system means having power to run your home every day without having to annoying utility providers and dealing with price hikes. Not only that, you could do without the mess oil and diesel creates. Solar is the new biggest thing in town, it grants you power all day long and is always generating more, if that sun is out that is. Selling them doesn’t have to be a hassle. Using the right tools and medium can help you generate sales easily. Here are 10 tips on how to sell Solar:

Door-to-Door Sales for Solar Leads

This might not be as interesting as it sounds, as it requires a persuasive salesperson visiting homeowners with designed information and deals that sound irresistible. It is often referred to as an outdated means of sale but could be a good way if you are experienced at persuading people and don’t mind knocking doors. With door to door sales, you can simply move from one house to another and try to convince people to buy Solar from you by explaining the benefits and advantages. This can turn into generating solar leads consistently and daily. But, be sure to have a nice manner of approach and look presentable. Homeowners are quick to shut the door if you don’t give a reasonable introduction. Get their interest and have a good first impression. That is what really counts. This is one of the main sources that clients for Solar Lead Empire use consistently.

Associate with Real Estate Agents

Realtors should be your number one network and lead to getting solar leads the opportunity to offer solar to homeowners. Every house purchased or sold happens through them, and they all have a huge book of clients. When marketing houses to customers, they can mention the fact that they can install Solar for constant power supply without having to deal with a utility company. This will help get the word around immensely. Real estate agents are great marketers and can substantially help in generating sales and solar leads for you. Some of Solar Lead Empires clients have had great results doing this.

Advertise on Blogs

You could write and send articles about your product to well-read blogs! This would provide you a wide range of solar leads from buyers in different places. Your article should be catchy, inviting, persuasive, convincing and must contain the benefits of why a home must own a Solar. Many people use the internet and advertising on blogs is a great way to get their attention and generate interest. Even at Solar Lead Empire we use blog advertising to generate and find new companies to work with.

Be active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a professional platform to get the best of partners. There are lots of people waiting to connect and partner with you to move your sales beyond your imagination. All you need to do is register NOW. Once you register, you get to interact with professionals and gain their interests. This will greatly help in generating sales and solar leads. Solar Lead Empire has had great success on LinkedIn as well.

Be active on Social Media

This is the age where the world does almost everything on social media, including sales and purchases. As a salesperson, you can advertise on your Facebook page, Instagram, and all other platforms. A very large percentage of the world makes use of social media. Solar Lead Empire also uses this tool to get access to our target market. You can make use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms available. Your followers are your prospective customers and can turn into solar leads for you. WhatsApp is also another great way of getting customers. People on your contact list might just need your service.

Connect with Concierge Utility Company’s

These companies help to set up home utilities and services at minimal stress, and less cost. Partnering with a concierge utility company saves you the stress of looking around for buyers and solar leads, as they are directed to you as part of the benefit of being a partner with the company. We have thought about this at Solar Lead Empire as well. They will help you get buyers and solar leads by sending them over to you. In other words, they serve as middlemen between you and your prospective clients. They are involved in setting up these utilities so you both profit from this service.

Create a Marketing Group

There are lots of young people in need of jobs and would do anything to get busy. Form a community of trainees and enlighten them to work for you, train these young and active minds to network to manage your brand and there is plenty of potential for generating solar leads at no cost. Solar Lead Empire uses young hustlers on our team as well. Having a good amount of people in the group would in turn help you reach more people and get a ton of solar leads. You will not only be making sales but also help young ones get busy and productive. This is more or less like killing one bird with two stones.

Go Visual

Making a video would be a spice, as it makes marketing super exciting. Studies have shown that visuals stimulate interest and creating a visual will not only glue the interest of potential buyers and solar leads, it will also make them crave the luxury displayed in the video. An engaging video will generate interest and bring solar leads to your fingertips. People are moved by what they see. Applying this tool will go a long way in getting customers and solar leads for you. You must be sure to include every important detail along with pictures. At Solar Lead Empire, we always use enhanced images and visuals for generating solar leads for our clients.


Don’t underestimate the power of referrals! A word put in for you by someone can get you the most unexpected sale and hundreds of solar leads. One solar lead that you sell can become another! This is why it is important to provide the best service. A client impressed by your service will always be willing to refer others which turns into more solar leads for free. However, a client displeased by your service will not hesitate to share the experience with others. Provide the best service and watch referrals and solar leads flow in. Solar Lead Empire has gained numerous clients solely from referrals.


Handbills and posters can help to reach out to potential buyers and bring in new solar leads. All you need to do is get them placed at restaurants, banks and various places people visit on daily basis. For every place you visit, you can tell those you meet. In banking halls, you can drop handbills and posters. In stores and buses, you can also do the same. This is a great way to generate solar leads and one that Solar Lead Empire recommends a lot.

Generating sales and solar leads when selling Solar doesn’t have to be hard. You can use any of the methods listed above to help you. Social media is your number one place to generate customers. You can also produce high-quality and innovative videos. Providing a good service to your customers will invariably generate customers for you. We wouldn’t tell you about all of these at Solar Lead Empire if we didn’t think they worked well! Good luck!